Music Classroom Tour 2016

Happy fall everyone!
I'm a little late to the party here but I'm linking up with Tracy King to show you around my music room:

So, my daughter, who is in first grade at my school helped me come up with my theme of the year, "Just Keep Singing."  She went to theater camp over the summer and came home and said her theater teacher said, "just keep acting, just keep acting" and I thought, hey, we could do that for the music room!!!

So, here is a shot outside my room, coming towards the music room:

Here's a better shot of the bulletin board (before I took down the duplicate poster with the misspelling!! lol!)  I'm a little in love with the fun bulletin board paper that I found at the local teacher store.  When they ran out I was able to buy some from Amazon!

And here's my door!!!  I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the name plate.  My friend, Aileen Miracle, bought a monster one and I fell in love with the under the sea one!
The fun "Join Choir" posters I made on imgflip meme generator and then I uploaded them to Block Posters and it made it into posters that I could piece together!

As you come in my to the left is a book case some posters that parents and families have given me.  We also started doing musicals two years ago and an amazing parent had those framed. (This year we're doing Annie Jr.!)

 Just past the bookshelf is the small counter that I have that's awesome for storing posters and manipulatives. Above that, since it's at the front of my classroom I have y "Do I Get It?" board that the students use to check for understanding.  I also bought a tool case on Amazon to hold misc. things but I have yet to get them labeled yet!

 Just past that is the front of the room, where I have my M-U-S-I-C behavior expections and all the things we'll use for class (well, most...)

I absolutely love this locker that I got from Poppin last year. I have some diabetic students so their supplies are in the closed side ad the other side is for some sub things. I also have these book boxes that I use for keeping things I need for each class handy.

To the right of my board are my schedule cards. Three of our grade levels are on a 5 day rotation (yes, a FIVE day rotation, it stinks) and three are on a 4 day rotation (not much better).

Because of this I have two sets of schedule cards.  I got these from Aileen Miracle and they have been my SAVING grace staying organized with my classes this year!

I attached them with rings at the top and then I have all 5/4 days attached at the top so everyday I just flip it over.  I have them attached with brads, to keep down on the bulkiness but you could also laminate them all together too.

 From the front of the room we come around to my desk area and where the doc camera is:

 And here's my personal space where I have my family pics. I am a big Broncos fan and I love having the "Broncos Drive" sign up to show my fanage but also to make that connection with students.  It's amazing how a small thing like that helps open up conversations with some of my students (specifically some of the harder to reach boys!)

I have a wall that is all windows so the space between them is used to put some musical symbols signs:

And some of that space is used for my hand sign ladder:

That brings us around to the back of the room and the bulletin board in the back. I love having the singing posters up in the back as it helps remind the students of singing technique. And then the instrument posters are handy when we refer to instrumentation of listening examples:

The wall you have not seen is all cabinets and I'll be honest, they're pretty plain and I think that's a good thing. I don't want to over stimulate the students and I've got plenty on my walls.

But one the way out there is my Self-Check in board and my objectives board:

The self-check-in works okay but this year I'm starting to use the Magic 1-2-3 to reinforce what other teachers in my building are doing. We're having a tougher time with behaviors this year as a school and  I really hope this will help.

Now, if I'm going to truly do a classroom tour I have to show you the most important part of my classroom.... the students:
 Here they are singing and playing with our guest, Donald Garrett. We were so lucky that he came to visit and the kids had a BLAST!

If you're interested in my "Just Keep Singing Set" you can find it here.

Thanks so much to Tracy King for hosting this classroom tour!



  1. Your room looks beautiful!! I especially love the wall behind the pretty! And thanks for the shout-out...I'm glad the schedule cards have worked for you!

    1. Thanks so much Aileen!!! :) YES, I LOVE them!!!

  2. LOVE IT! I agree with Aileen. The wall behind the risers is awesome!!! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks so much Tracy!!! Sorry I was late to the party!!! :)


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