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Hi there and LONG TIME NO BLOG!!!

We've been back to school for a while so I feel like I'm a little late to the party showing you my classroom for the new year, but I do know a lot of you actually start back on Tuesday!
My classroom theme for the years is "A Cave of Musical Wonders":
 I decided to tie my classroom theme into the spring musical and all I can say is the kids are SO excited, they've been talking about it since they saw the decor in my room.  The picture above is the "bulletin" board outside my classroom.  I use bulletin board lightly as we don't really have boards in my school but the "tack friendly" walls....  The Iago and Genie pictures are taken from images that I downloaded and then put into Block Poster, which is a really cool website that you can enlarge images into poster size. Choir will be starting back up and I'll be making some huge posters to promote choir with the site.

My former principal wouldn't let me hang my previous years' musical posters in the hallway (strange, I know) but this year I was able to!  These are the three previous years' musicals (mind you, there is/was a typo on our first year's posters with Seussical being spelled wrong):
 Just inside my room, to the left as you walk in, is my bookcase, on which I have some trinkets that are personal. It think it's important to have these in my room as my kids see them and know my interests and it helps open conversations with them, especially those older students.
New this year is my boyfriend, Kris Bryant..... you know, third baseman for the Cubs, lol!
 Next to my bookcase is my mini counter.  It houses my puppets on a stick and my Genie, who, is there just for fun but the little love him to help him keep a steady beat!
Next to the counter is one of my IKEA 2x2 cubes.  These are so awesome and last year at winter break I bought three of them for $19.99 each!!!  The bottom has boxes that I use to store various manipulatives.  The red box is my choir folder box. Above are my file folder boxes that I use to store various things that I need for each class throughout the day.
Continuing along that wall, below my whiteboard are my MUSIC behavior posters.  These really tie into the three principles that the school has which are respect, responsibility and safety.
These are my schedule cards that I got from Aileen Miracle, they SAVE my life every day!! I have 4 classes on a 4 day rotation and 2 on a 5 day rotation and they're not clumped so I made arrows to point to the other schedule so that I can have them side by side to see which classes I have in which order. These cards are SO AWESOME!
From there we go to my desk. Here's where the two other 2x2 cubes are.  I would have LOVED to have gotten a 4x2 cube and turned it on its side but the 2x2s were so much cheaper!! (Pardon the dark picture. Hannah, my 2nd grader, and I took these on a Saturday and the lights are off on the weekends.) I LOVE that these cubes are level with my desk. So, I have my document camera handy, but it's off my desk and out of the way.  My phone isn't in an ideal spot because if I'm working during my planning I have to get up to answer it, but it's better this way as I can reach it easier when teaching.
This is the view from the other side of my desk. The cute 2nd grader is there often, but not all day. Usually just before and after school and during 2nd grade music!
 I LOVE these new mugs that I got to house my pens and pencils.  What's fun is the kids, as they're lined up, like to look at my desk and they get a kick out of the mugs!
 This is harder to see because of the lighting but under my table are stools that I got at Amazon. The table on the right has my new ukuleles and the stools will be used when we play ukes.
Moving along we have my open cabinets. They look WAY more organized from a distance, lol!
My "back wall" looks like this:
Here's a close up of the left side, again, I used the Block Poster site to make the genie really big:
And here's the right side:
 My final wall is a wall of cabinets. This houses my Orff instruments, my GAZILLION puppets, bells, handbell pads, concert props, manipulatives, drums, etc:
And finallly this is my "Do I Get It?" board, with my objectives:
 Here's a close up of the "Do I Get It? board:

I really promise to try to blog more! I have lots of ideas, it's sometimes finding the time to write them all down, in addition to all the growing sets that I have going on at TpT!

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