Tried and True: Thanksgiving Activities

Hi there everyone!  I hope that your November is going well! I know my family and I are getting SO EXCITED as we're going to Disney World in three days!!!  But I thought I'd share with you some of the activities we're doing this week in music.

Grinding Corn:  I LOVE this song. I learned it from my cooperating teacher, Cindy McCaskill and use it every year.

Here's a video of my kiddos playing a stick passing game (This was taken a couple years ago)

The Mill Wheel Song: this is another fun song to use around this time and it's not specific to Thanksgiving so if you're in a situation where you can't do "holiday" songs this is a good go to:

Again, this video is from a while ago:

This next one I learned from Liza Meyers and you can find all the details on her blog, here.  Again, this video is a couple years old and you can see that it's pretty challenging for the students, but it's a lot of fun!!!

Finally, I bought some turkey beach balls from Oriental Trading a few years ago and they make for a FUN rhythm relay!  In this case we also used if for a memory game:

If you're looking for some quick rhythm games these "How to Dress a Turkey Games" are a blast!

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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