Rhythms of the Deep

I blogged about this yesterday and have all the files up except the rest file.   They are 15% off today and I extended my sale for one more day so everything will be 15% off through Easter Sunday!

I'm excited about these files.  They come with one MP4 file (with stick notation rhythm).  Originally, I was going to include a version that had the note heads but the files were too large to post both.   If you are a follower of mine on Teachers Pay Teachers you will be getting the rest file as the monthly freebie.  A link to get this will come in the monthly message I send out on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I can't send this until April so if you would like this free file and you don't follow me, go click the "follow" button on my store! ;)

So, there are a few ways that you can use these files.  
  1. This can be used as a fancy flash card system
  2. Or it can be played similarly to “I Have/Who Has”.  To play, pass out the cards in this file.  If you have 24 students, then pass out the first 24 cards.  If you would like to differentiate, give your more advanced students two cards.  As the movie is playing, only the student with the matching card would read the rhythm. This is an assessment of visually being able to recognize matching rhythms and performing the rhythm correctly.  For that reason, I have included the following within each file:
    1. Numbered and Non-numbered cards for the “I Have” Game.  These are in both stick-notation and with note heads (the movie is in stick notation without note heads). I usually us the non-numbered cards so that the kids don’t figure out that they match the order in which the rhythms appear in the movie.  However, the numbered cards help the students when they are first going through the movie and help the teacher keep track of “where we are” in the movie
    2. Flashcards for practicing the rhythms in the Movie File and on the individual cards.

 Here are links to these files:

  1. halfnote
  2. tika-tika
  3. ti-tika
  4. tika-ti
  5. syncopa
  6. tom-ti
  7. ti-tom

Happy Easter everyone!

Rhythms of the Deep- a sneek peek

Happy Friday everyone!!  I posted earlier today that I am throwing a sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store today and tomorrow- 15% off all of my products.  Every month I send my followers on Teachers Pay Teachers a message that includes a link to a monthly freebie.  Here's a little preview of this month's freebie.  If you want a copy of it, simply follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers!  The full file will run for approx. 3 minutes.

"Rhythms of the Deep," in all the various rhythmic forms will be posted on my store later this weekend (but I can't guarantee I'll have them done by tomorrow so I'll run them at a discounted price for the first two days they are posted on the store).

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

First of all, to all my colleagues in SVVSD, one more day until spring break- you can do it!!  We have one of the latest spring breaks in CO.  A lot of friends in other districts have had spring break already of are on spring break now (my husband included).  So, I know I just did a sale, but in honor of spring break and Easter, my entire store will be 15% tomorrow and Saturday.

Included in this sale are these new "April Showers Bring May Flowers" PowerPoints for practicing melody and rhythm.  These are similar to my St. Patty's day and Valentine's day games.  They're designed so you can use them in April or May, whenever it works into your curriculum.  I created many versions that are available individually or in bundled form.

Let's walk through the fa and ti-tom file.

Here's the title slide (a little side note: my daughter's birthday is in April.  She LOVES Mickey Mouse and all things Disney.  The font choice is a little shout out to her! :)  ):

And explanation slide.  There are two "weed" slides (not that kind of weed!! I know I live in CO where they just legalized it, but geez!!  Teehee!).  No, there are two dandelions.  Those act as "lose a turn" slides, just to keep them on their toes.

Here's the main menu slide.  The raindrops are linked to rhythm slides and the flowers are linked to melody slides.  (But I won't tell the kids that!):

Here are some sample rhythm slides.  You simply click on the ladybug to return to the main menu slide:

Here the "weed" slide:

And here are some sample melody slides:
  (There are two weeds: one in the melody slides and one in the rhythm slides):

And here are the "Tally" cards.  I print them out and laminate them.  We usually have them scattered on the floor that way the teams can see what is left.  When they correctly perform that slide they get to take that card for their team.

I also included a PDF of the melody and rhythm slides that you can print out or view like a PowerPoint (in full screen mode) to prepare for the game or to play Poison with (directions on how to play with flashcards is included in the file).

The following sets are available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store:
  1. so-mi & ta ti-ti
  2. la & ta rest (which contains ta ti-ti and so-mi)
  3. do & half-note
  4. re & half-note
  5. re & tika-tika
  6. low la & ti-tika
  7. low so & tika-ti
  8. high do & syncopa
  9. high do & tom-ti
  10. fa & ti-tom
  11. ti, & tim-ka
  12. Bundle
I also FINALLY finished up all my melodic Poison Games!  Yee hee!!  So, the high do and ti files are now finished and since they are finished, I bundled all the melodic games.

If you're on spring break, I hope you're having a wonderful time (and what are you doing reading this blog, go relax!!!  Okay, I'll be the pot and you be the kettle, tee hee!). If you're not on spring break yet, I hope you have a wonderful break when you do!!  Don't forget you'll get 15% off everything in my store tomorrow and Saturday!! :)

Swat that Fly!

Here's a new Treble-Clef/G-Clef file that I've created.  I plan on using some of this when we get back from spring break. . . which is over a week away. 

There are three PowerPoints.  The first is a "Know the Notes":

We've (my kiddos and I) have gone through this with the Detective set that I made but we'll use this one to review (one week is a long time and this can be easily forgotten!):

 After the basics of the staff, we go over the "G-clef" and the hidden G and how that tells us that every note on the second line is named "G":
 And we give examples:  (I want this to be ingrained so the repetition is good)

Again, we'll review the music alphabet:

And the way the music alphabet relates to the staff:

We'll review step-wise motion (each of these notes clicks on individually):

Again, these notes are added one-by-one to show that step-wise motion:

And then we derive the notes, one by one:

All the way up to "G":

And then we derive it down to "D":

And we talk about ledger lines:

I give a couple of the acronyms, although I really want them to be able to figure out the notes off of the G-line (those acronyms can be easily forgotten):

There are two PowerPoint games, almost identical to the Staff Detective and Spelling Bee games.  But they look different so hopefully I can get a little mileage out of them, if not this year then next year:
 The teams pick a level of difficulty.  The more letters, the harder the task:
 Once they pick a number, they can pick which fly they want.  You can maneuver the PowerPoint by that little fly on the bottom left corner, he takes you back to the main menu.

After picking their fly they'll get a slide like this, from which they need to figure out the word that the flies are spelling:

And then there is the reverse game, this time they go from word to staff:

 You can use big floor staves, small individual staves or dry-erase staves to have them write their answers.  You can play this individually or in small/large groups:

 From there I made a "Swat that Fly" game.  This is a lot like my Slug Bug game.

I made cards of the PowerPoints above with the words written out and the fly staves written out.  Each player or team has a fly swatter.  Working in small groups of 4-5 or in larger groups with solo students coming up to play for their team, the teacher either gives a word or shows a staff card and the correct player to first swat the matching card wins that card for his/her team (or self, if working individually)

Here are some of the small staff cards (I also made larger versions of these that would work better in whole group/larger group play)

And here are some of the word cards.  In this case, the teacher would display the staff card and the students have to decode the notes on the staff and swat the word that matches.

This file is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
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